Managing over 10,400 units and 1,390,000 square feet of storage space

Currently Outback Management, LLC has direct day to day responsibility for the operations of eleven projects in Mississippi and Florida totaling around 6,000 units and 759,000 square feet of storage.  In addition the company oversees the operation of facilities in California, Mississippi and Florida in which York Development maintains partial ownership. These facilities are managed by TNT, Uncle Bobís Management, and Extra Space Management for their day by day operations. This brings the total units to around 10,400 and square footage of about 1,390,000 under the company's watch care.

As York Development adds additional sites in Florida, Mississippi, and adjacent states, Outback Management, LLC will be the management company for these projects. Currently there are several projects in development in this region of the country.

Outback management will also perform third party management for outside owners and we provide an operations consulting program for owners who are looking for additional help in maximizing their facilities performance.